How to start your own company when you return 18

Students say the only way to achieve success in the “real word” is to go to class, get good grades, work with the system and wait for the opportunity to imagine Once a lot of graduates tell you that things aren’t getting out of control so often But what happens if you ignore the system? If you signed the agreement and gave yourself permission to be a businessman in the ‘ 20s? At your teens? (ALL) We will show you that this is possible, speaking to young Canadians, who are evading the traditional description of what it means to be a “student,” and who is already making a name for themselves. Because if they do, you can. First, Benjamin Stevenson, a student is a complete engineering student, as well as a founder and founder

“It seems that this is a little crazy in engineering school, but it makes me grounding and focusing, and I love every minute.”

I’ve brandised the design of the YouTube channel and the logos for my friends before I even went to high school. But in high school, my love for fashion grew. I spent hours every week looking for clothes to buy, view video clips and view books

I was obsessed with this online store, where I bought most of my clothes. On one day, a contest was held on the website, in which the participants had to develop a screen print for a company transported in a garment company

The prize was $1,000. Being a young man whose only source of income was a summer job, $1,000 for a winning design of a random lifestyle

I jumped into Photoshop and spent two full (school) nights of the design of an excellent stamp, which I think is entitled to $1,000 shopping. Well … I didn’ t check the recommendations, obviously, you had to be in the United States

“One morning, he hit me like a brick,” If I can design it for someone else, why can’t I design it for myself? “

Unfortunately, it took me a few years to understand this story. One morning, he hit me like a brick, “If I can design it for someone else, why can’t I design it for myself?”

Benjamin Alfie went from an idea to a hobby to one of my priorities. I’m licensed

I have not been blessed with any angel investor, nor with any private/public financing. Most of the money I used to start was on the payroll. I had to go out a year before the end of high school, because the program I was originally adopted was canceled

I worked at a weekend factory in high school, which then became my constant assignment for a year. You not only provided me with the means to get started

On the road, I’d like to try some funding. I’ve always been interested in this

My first real challenge was to create my network with good talent

When I drove out of the gate, I had a laptop, a surveillance camera, and a couple of adobe programs. I have knowledge of HTML from business classes in high school, with some development of this knowledge, I was able to build my online showcases online

The problem is to create actual, non-design material products. I had no experience with sewing, printing or embroidery. It was 100% the most I had to deal with

I had to find out about a lot of deals. I am currently experiencing two trials of very experienced local entrepreneurs, who I have done on the way, and anything from sewing to packaging, photographs in marketing are myself. It took time and experience to find the right rhythm. With the arrival of my fourth season, with every release, it gets easier

“It was also difficult to take the 18-year-old seriously.”

So, I was dealing with an innumerable business from the company Orilis to Mississia. I even moved away from my roots at one point and tried to get involved with some Chinese production, but the high MOQs (the minimum number of orders required from the vendor) were the delimiter.  As a college student, I don’t have the money to get the money

Luckily, I kept it locally. But I was thrown out on the back burner, because I used MOQs where I ordered (because of limited capital). Since most of the processes are now running in the home, MOQs is not a big problem, but in some cases I don’t do it

It was also hard to take the 18-year-old seriously. But to do so, I used to use email to build relationships before human interaction ever took place

Engineering. I fell in love with the engineers for the same reason I fell in love with my own business. Solving problems. Problem solution is a feature that must be a successful engineer, as well as a business owner. Mathematical too was very simple, so the engineering solution seemed to answer my question

It seems a little crazy to take part in business at school for engineering, but it makes me grounding and focusing, and I love every minute

“I just want to make sure that my happiness is so distinguished that my loved and equal is contagious.”

The long-term plans of my company will invest in some commercial space, hire a large team of skilled workers who love their work, and focus on my favorite parts of Benjamin Alfy: marketing, design and photography

I’m trying to give myself a couple of school options. I just want to make sure that my happiness is so different that it’s contagious to my loved and equal. You can bet that wherever I am, as soon as I get there, I’ll smile

Ben is not an alien to the beginning of a business. He ran into them all. But barriers are inevitable for everything you want to do in life. Starting a business or even learning to start a business is not to become the next Bill Gates. It is about how to overcome obstacles, connect with industry and acquire the skills that you will need to stand in the market of the competitive labour market. Ben just started his own Ben will also donate 10% of the revenue from the blue. “  T-shirt to the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association)

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Chris D’ Alessandro

Chris D’ Alessandro is a writer and strategy of content living in Toronto. He also has extra tattoos than he’d like to admit