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" People you don't know and have no connection to you. That's weird. " As a competitor And prepare for the tests. In order to be competitive on the show, Eric was supposed to get information about all of Egyptian topography to avoid using currencies. The economist at Waterloo should know all of this At some point, Eric became so popular in the UK that he started crackdown on Twitter under the guise of See what we mean? In this interview we learn how Eric felt with the sudden #Monkmania. Eric also shows us why storage is more than just a memory (which means his experience in the victoria), his love for reading and natural curiosity

It was strange at first that people you don't know about are talking about what you're doing, for example, as I say or what I say in a particular episode. You don't feel the control of things when it's happening. People you don't know and have no connection to other words about you. It's strange

The other thing I found is that I think it's happening elsewhere. Looks like it was in the U.K., but nobody knew what was going on. It was a strange feeling that he was interested in the Internet, but in everyday life

How many opportunities do you have in your life to make people happier?

But in the end, when it happened more and I realized that I like to see me, it was really nice of people to have so much to do with me. How many opportunities do you have in your life to make people happier? And I think it was one of the best moments in this experience, he was able to make people happy or inspired, being able to compete in something that I love

Some people will get a list of things, rivers in Europe or famous carin, and so on. This is not what I have done (perhaps for the currencies of the world and for that). So most of my true knowledge comes from reading the lot

In terms of reproduction at the exhibition, a good way to be ready to play in the same format as you. I'd watch a lot of old episodes and play, and actually got into the table when I knew the answer, trying to answer it in front of the teams on the screen. That means you heard the question. Because I didn' t know where the questions were, so he decided, "Where is the question?" and accept this risk, to answer before someone answers it

In such a way as University Challenge, questions are usually referred to as parameter questions. So they start with a very large or confusing piece of information, and they will be less incomprehensible as in the case of the question. After they get to the end, someone who knows a little bit about this topic is likely to get an answer. The eye will hear the first bit of the question and assume the calculated risk in response

I went to the courses, where many of them started to store memory, and for those that she just dropped, read the information and just split the information into pieces and combine certain information with what was easy to remember

Find out what other students do in this course to study them and try what they're doing

But I also smoked courses, where there was a lot of situational solutions, and for such courses as, for example, that they repeat and solve similar problems again and again, will write them for different variations. Students should tailor their habits to study the courses they do, and find out what other students do in this course to study them and try what they do. Look what works for you

Obviously, the practice [ Eric was on the Canadian show, Reach for the Top, before] always helps, but it's important to understand the format of the show. In addition, we have experience in working with television and understanding what it's like to be in this situation

It's hard to say, but I had parents who were very excited about my training, and I grew up in a house with a bunch of books and access to the knowledge that I think was always the dominant one. We were talking about the things we read in the paper, and she just worked my childhood

I was originally interested in science, and I was interested in the economy quite early after reading about human societies and how they evolved. Why are some countries rich and others not? Why the world like that? These are all very interesting questions I would like to study more. I have discovered that the methods in which the world works have become relevant in studying the economy

It's a feeling of wanting to make people happy with what he decided to do, that I really took away from our time together.  This idea came up when I asked him what happened next to Eric Monkman. He gave me a little smile, said nothing for a moment to gather his thoughts and took a close look at my eyes. " Perhaps some information is written for different places or careers in the economy, I'm not sure at the moment. But as long as I can make people happy with what I like, I'm perfect. "

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